Kari Uoti

Doctor of Laws, MBA


Attitude, experience, and knowledge – these principles are the qualities of a good lawyer

Knowledge about the law can be gained by reading books. Life gives you experience, but attitude is something you are born with. Attitude is something money can’t buy. You either have it or you don’t. If I was choosing a lawyer for myself I would like to have the feeling that the lawyer of my choice is not taking the case only because it is his job. If I couldn’t feel the passion and dedication from his side I would just shake his hand politely and thank for his time.

I hate losing but it doesn’t mean that I take only easy cases. I usually look for the most challenging ones or the ones that excite me in a professional way. What matters to me is that the outcome will be worth every effort I will give.

If you think that you have one of these type of cases, please contact us and we can look into it together and see what kind of a challenge there is to face.

Our approach

We don’t take every possible case we get. We take only the cases we are really good at.

I myself am specialized in difficult civil law and criminal law cases in and out of the court. Together with my team we take care of both company and private cases from conflicts to settlements. Our specialities are listed below. Please contact us directly for further information.