Minister of Justice in trouble

In Finland we have a peculiar situation with our Minister of Justice Leena Luhtanen who ended her term as the chair person of the EU Council of Ministers of Justice just in the end of last year. She is not a lawyer which may be the reason for the latest episode surrounding her.
A Finnish tabloid revealed last week that in latest election our Minister did not declare all the funds she had spent in the election campaign. This is against the law but not so dangerous, we all make mistakes and forget things but…
It seems that the Minister didn’t declare funds that she or actually her husband who was in charge of her campaign paid under the table at a gasoline station to a person assisting with the campaign.
So what?
The thing was that the person assisting with the campaign had sent an ordinary bill for the services provided for the Minister’s campaign but he received an email from the husband where the husbund suggested that part of the cost would be paid including taxes eg. VAT and a part of the bill would be paid in cash. You know, under the table excluding taxes.
And this really took place in a service station where the husbund delivered the stack of 50 euro bills to the person around a bit under 1000 euros.
What happened?
First our Minister declined to comment and then she declared that she is going to sue the tabloid. But for what? She did not deny the facts.
The fact seems to be that our Minister is in the forefront of the gray economy but on the wrong side of the fence people thought.
In Finland the Government does not pay too much attention to the Human Rights. They pay under the table to cut costs. And in the end she saved some euros and lost the facade that we all new was just a thick layer of make-up with nothing behind.
There is no God – no Law, and an urgent need for a honest Minister of Justice in Finland