Justice in Finland

In order to accomodate my foreign readers I want to put something down in English for those who are not familiar with my native language Finnish.
If you read articles about me in internet written in English you pop only into news of different trials from the last century that do not want to end.
I have been a target of the so called ”economic crime action plan” initiated in the beginning of the 1990’s where couple of high flying business men were targeted by the government of Finland to show the people that there is someone to blame for the recession.
In our neigbouring countries e.g. in Sweden there was a similar recession that never led into any major crininal trials. The problem was solved in civil proceedings if there was need for any proceedings at all.
These proceedings have so far lasted for about 12 years and some of them are still in there initial stage. I assume that the proceedings still last for another 2-4 years.
The proceedings themselves have ruined my life no matter what the outcome. During the proceedings I started my reserch into the Law first completing my licentiate thesis in 2000 and then my doctorate in 2004. The topic of my doctorate thesis is: European Court of Human Rights – a lawmaking tribunal. I prepared the doctorate thesis in a maximum security prison in Helsinki Finland and defended it in two months after I was released with high remarks from my opponent.
I hoped that I could start a new life in academia after the proceedings but they do not end no matter what I do. I already offered the government that I am willing to go to prison for any period they want just to get rid of the proceedings. My offer was refused.
The Government of Finland, especially our President Tarja Halonen acts as a forerunner for human rights when they actually act the same way as the Russian judiciary. We have a common history with the Russians. It would be a major disaster if a president running this kind of a system violating human rights openly would be even considered to the top job in UN – fortunatelly this seems to be only a joke from Sweden.
All the cases agains me are pending in European Court of Human Rights that will ultimately decide the cases in terms of whether I have received a fair trial or not. Unfortunatelly the ECHR is so busy with the Finnish cases that they are still deciding cases from the last century.