Finland – a country of Human Rights in Speech not in Action

The Nordic countries, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland are known for their aggressive attitude towards Human Rights violations. Norden, as the Swedish speeking people refer the country group, represent the forerunners of Human Rights in the European arena.
This is true in speaches and in action in every country except Finland, the black sheep of the Nordic country club.
Last year European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found in total 18 Human Rights violations in the Nordic countries. Iceland had none, Norway had 1, Denmark 2, Sweden 3 and finally Finland had total of 12 Human Rights violations judged by the ECHR. Our neighbour, small area of former part of Russia, Republic of Estonia, had only 1 violation last year.
The numbers tell an ugly story especially at the time when Finland was running the whole of Europe as the president of the EU critisicing Human Rights violations left and right in the rest of the World.
The numbers are even worse when they are put in ralation to the population of each individual country due to the fact that we are only some 5 million people in Finland. Last year ECHR found 10 Human Rights violations in United Kingdom with a population of more than tenfold ours.
The Finnish Human Rights culture comes from Russia, not from the Western Hemisphere as we would like to see it. There is a historical background to that. We have a president who is active with the Human Rights issues all over the World except in her own country.
These guys are polishing something that is very rotten insiden.
There is no God – no Law, no Human Rights in Finland in the sense it is understood in EU